About Idol Cuties

Welcome to Idol Cuties! This is a blog mixed with Hello! ProjectAKB48, and many many others! Sometimes I talk about anime idols as well but I’ll try to be more specific to their voice actresses. Also, this blog isn’t just limited to JPOP idols – this is also where I talk about KPOP idols as well!

Often, I’ll talk about indie idols as well, but only if it comes up! Also, please look forward to my reviews as well of music I can’t say what specific order they’ll be in but I shall try my best to be as critical as I can! Most likely, I’ll post reviews to albums, singles (minus any instrumentals and dramas), or anything that strikes my fancy (that’s idol related).

I chose this name because idols are cuties, aren’t they? This blog (finally) opened on January 23, 2017!

About Lily

As for me, even though I’m called mahouidol, please refer to me as Lily! I was born on August 27, 1987, which makes me a Virgo (Western Zodiac) and a Fire Rabbit (Eastern Zodiac). While I’m not blogging about anime, Touhou Project, or idols, I’m watching anime, reading manga, sleeping, listening to music hanging out with my boyfriend, and eating! Here’s my Asian CD collection in case you were curious!

Occasionally, I play video games but usually Overwatch or anything on my Steam profile.

As for my favorites, well, I’m an old-school Hello! Project fan so I’m extremely biased towards that time (if you want to read how I got into it, go here). But, I want to try to get to know the new girls and groups better! Please be patient with me!

Idol Games?!

Well, yeah. I like playing idol games as well. Sometimes, I’ll post some top tens of my favorite songs, games, and so much more; as well as scouting. I might put up some visual novel games but don’t hold your breath on that.

In which case, you’ll be able to find scouting videos on top of that. Not so much as game play though…