[REVIEW] Colorful Shining Dream First Date♥ by every♥ing!


Colorful Shining Dream First Date♥ by every♥ing!

Release Date: January 17, 2017
Rating: ★★★☆☆


  1. カラフルストーリー
  2. 風を追い越したくて
  4. ハンドスター☆彡
  5. ちゅるちゅるちゅちゅちゅ
  6. What is L♥VE?
  7. ケサランパサラン
  8. ヒロイン
  9. 君の*Favorite*
  10. 水彩メロディー
  11. Shining Sky
  12. さよならは言わない
  13. サクライロ

This is a pretty average album. It has those songs that sounds like they belong in anime and while that’s not necessarily bad, they don’t really stand out on their own. One major problem I had towards this album was that it seemed a little too typical of an album.

Most of the songs on here are average one way or another. The only song that seemed to stand out to me the most was “ちゅるちゅるちゅちゅちゅ” because the tempo and beats were much different than the other songs. Their vocals were nice and it was a cute, fun song. I honestly wish they made more songs like these and keep experimenting with this type of music.

However, once I got to “ヒロイン”, they attempted to rap and it’s more awkward than anything. I’m not sure what they’re trying to do here. When they sing in that one, it’s a little bit more comfortable and more natural than their raps but… I’m still not sure why they did this. Trying something new, I guess, but it’s just a little awkward.

And speaking of awkward, have you ever heard a song whose beats are more annoying than the vocals? The vocals are nice for “君の*Favorite*”, but the instrumentals sound especially annoying to me. I’m fine with disco-like songs but this really grated my ears for some reason. It really sounded like someone brought their old Casio keyboard and had the disco instrumental play along with it. And when you hear that enough times in other songs, the same exact instrumental, it’s really annoying. I’m sad about this because, otherwise, the vocals are quite nice for this track.

Honestly, this album isn’t bad at all. Granted, it’s very average but considering this is their first full album, I’m not going to hold it against them as much. Their other songs on this album are a comforting sort of bland that could help relax someone if they’re into that. Would I recommend this album? Not to everyone, though I’d probably recommend this towards fans of these seiyuus more than anything.


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